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hi. long time no type. it was getting to the point that if i didn't just post about something, anything, i might not ever post at all.

i came home to a long list of tasks to accomplish... 2 new classes to start [drawing 1 and digital imaging 2] a new segment in the painting class, a host of emails to follow up on, an artist talk to give.... blah blah blah.

my trip was fantastic. i love being transported. it also now feels very far away already....

i have still not had a chance to really catch up w/ everyone although i do know that wendy had her baby [post by "the boy" on the whole thing {get ready to be teary eyed} here ]

i know i missed gwen's trip here... and that she wore green.

above is a photo from the robot install that i started yesterday at the san jose museum of art . there's a 22 foot styrofoam robot already installed. it's amazing... i'm trying to think/document the process of doing this piece. if i can wrap my head around it i might do a bit of writing on that for my friend timothy . that's what i listened to yesterday.... there were so many people buzzing around setting up stuff that i had to block them all out to get my work done.

at one point i took a break and one of the installers said to me... i saw you lying down earlier and i thought - she's taking a nap?? then i realized you were painting while lying down. heh. i found that really funny. can i just say HOW NICE everyone is there? my god. it's like being an art princess. they thank you for everything - they are enthusiastic - they get you a ladder and a chair before you can turn around... they laid a beautiful cardboard tarp for me. a girl could get used to this....

looking forward to seeing what else has been going on. tomorrow i go back to paint on my wall....

thank you guys so much for all the tank and vacation love.... i can't even begin to explain how i appreciate it!!!


13 Responses to “hello again”

  1. # Blogger deerseason87

    Yay! Good luck with the installation! Looks like a pretty good playlist as well...  

  2. # Blogger Cally

    Yay, your back, I'm thrilled!
    It was really hard to be so comparitively near you and not come visit, felt like a stones throw, but the brother's plan had no room for deviation, and no arguing cause he paid for the whole thing (lucky me).

    I'm loving this art princess business of which you speak, would that it were always so (see how i slipped into princess talk already)

    So exciting that you are installing more, and with so much else happening, do you get time to pee???

    Good luck with it all and thanks for taking time to pop by when you are clearly so incredibly busy. xox  

  3. # Anonymous Kathleen

    lovely to have you back.
    can't wait to see the robots:)  

  4. # Anonymous risa

    glad to have you back.  

  5. # Blogger shari

    hi lisa.

    so glad you had a nice vacation. welcome home. xo  

  6. # Anonymous babelfish

    Happy you had a good holiday, sounds like your long list of work is starting again (but then, I've always admired your ability to multi-task). Digital imaging? I'd like to hear more about that...Loving the idea of an art princess, good luck installing.  

  7. # Blogger Esti

    Glad that you are back with great art posts and new projects.  

  8. # Blogger bugheart

    hee hee
    so cute
    she thought
    you were taking
    a nap...
    even cuter is you
    painting robots
    while laying down...
    hope the installing
    went well
    on sunday.
    next year
    i will coordinate
    my spring break
    with you!

  9. # Blogger Anke

    You're back - yay! I'm glad you had such a great time and you sound happy and relaxed. Can't wait for the robot...  

  10. # Blogger poppy

    nice to have you back! can hardly wait to be transported by your stories! another installation - wow! how do you do it?  

  11. # Anonymous anne

    hi lisa, welcome home! i'm glad you had a nice vacation! i'm also glad that you can lie down while you paint ;) so funny :) xo  

  12. # Blogger wendy

    so glad you got treated like an art princess...can't wait to see more photos. and here about the process.
    {his post made me all teary-eyed too!}  

  13. # Blogger amisha

    welcome home lisa!
    so happy you had a wonderful trip. and i also love the image of you painting lying down :) the show sounds wonderful... i can't wait to see more!

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