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there's little i control

wow you guys are so great. thanks for all the balance sympathy! [but duh you guys are just as crazy busy as i am]

flower tank

sometimes i feel like i need to tackle a material - something familiar in a new way.

ali and i are working on a trade. i saw an image of hers on her blog and had to have it. she's going to get some tanks and i told her she could hang them as "flowers"....

tonight we are going to see dengue fever . i couldn't be more excited. it's been so long since i've seen a live show....

ok - off to work in the studio. i have a LONG list of things that have to get done in there today.....

happy weekend!

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13 Responses to “another point of view”

  1. # Blogger design for mankind.


  2. # Anonymous risa

    have fun at the show. they played denver not that long ago.  

  3. # Blogger Shiny Black Shoes

    so lovely!  

  4. # Blogger Esti

    very nice idea.
    It sounds like you'll be having fun this weekend. Enjoy!  

  5. # Blogger shari

    tank flowers. rock on lisa. xo  

  6. # Blogger UNIFORM Studio

    I like the flower -it has a warholesque feel to it:)
    have a good weekend!

  7. # Anonymous gracia

    A bouquet of tanks...

    Happy weekend, g xo  

  8. # Blogger amisha

    dengue fever sounds like a fun show! hope you are having a good weekend... xox  

  9. # Blogger hrsj

    tanks as flowers seems to be saying something,,, ??
    happy monday lisa!  

  10. # Blogger Anke

    tank flowers...very poetic. reminds me of images where they stick flowers in the tanks gun barrels (is that the right word?).
    have a great week, lisa -oh, it's almost weekend anyway! ;)  

  11. # Blogger bugheart

    hope you had
    a lovely weekend.

  12. # Anonymous babelfish

    I love that you always find new ways to look at things, soft tanks and flowers are the perfect combination!  

  13. # Blogger wendy

    love this new tank exploration!
    & the grey on white piece.

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