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there's little i control

1467 tanks.... you take one down pass it around 1466 tanks on the wall

hunted targets + synchronized tanks

hello hello!
well - not that you were holding your breath - but here it is ! all the tanks in their glory glory.

wanna see some more views?

synchronized tanks :: headon

straight on [don't you love the reflection in the floor?]

synchronized tanks :: detail

detail... so you can see the shadows [and that they really are felt!]

and my favorite view:

synchronized tanks :: left to right :: right to left

standing at both ends you can really see the curve of the wall.... heh heh. this installation's special unplanned bonus. all installations have to have a unplanned bonus... right?

here's a nice shot of marin camille hood's work
marin camille hood

embroidered lovelies of not so pretty things. [i don't have to explain why i like these right? and marin and i are both alums of the same grad school!] all the imagery comes from a field book on how to dress your deer. you can see the technique [if you aren't squeemish] here .

i think the absolute best part of this installation was all the help i had. giant thanks to the crew at the gallery :: sophie, daniela [who used a drill and the top step of a ladder for the first time!], laura, sabrina and matt. could not have been done with out you guys. and i'm not used to relying on other folks. it's also been really great to see students come in and react to the work. it's a different audience... and i really like it. also a giant thanks to faith who curated the show and made it all happen.

the show is up through April 16th the SFSU student gallery if you are inclined to take a peek.

i've been up since 5 this morning. why you ask? because tomorrow i go on a holiday. spring break is here and i am literally out of here. but crits, grades, syllabi, packing and cleaning had to be done by tonight.... i'm really looking forward to some time away. a minute to collect my thoughts so that the second i return i can start to work in the studio. 2 big projects in the works.

i won't be posting here - or reading anything online while i'm away - so i will miss you!!! see you in april! [already??]


33 Responses to “1467 tanks on the wall”

  1. # Blogger Julie

    holy guacamole, lisa. well done!  

  2. # Anonymous gracia

    Like a flag or an argyle sweater I'd love to wear... how marvelous it all looks installed. And one can easily see what you find so enchanting about the mirrored reflection. It looks wonderful, Lisa, really wonderful. Huge congratulatory cheer all the way from Nth. Fitzroy... can you hear it?

    hugs, g xx  

  3. # Blogger eshu

    damn Lisa...

    your tanks blow me away.

    so awesome.


  4. # Anonymous meg

    it's so amazing - congratulations!
    have a wonderful vacation - see you back here soon.

  5. # Blogger UNIFORM Studio

    It really looks amazing. So much movement. And I love the reflections on the floor -it adds so much depth.
    Have a wonderful and much deserved rest!

  6. # Blogger shari

    amazingly cool! congrats. i hope your spring break is relaxing and well, just perfect. and to answer your question, yes. send the photo whenever you return. :) xo  

  7. # Blogger hannah

    LISA! it looks so so amazing! i think i like this curved installation better than the japan one. that reflection and the curvature are just plain awesome!  

  8. # Anonymous Gwen

    I am so jealous of everyone that gets to see your tank installations in person. The amount of work that you do blows me away. I hope you enjoy your break!  

  9. # Anonymous Kathleen

    So awesome. It looks amazing Lisa. So bummed I can't see it in person. I hope there is at least one more tank installation in your future that I get to see up close:) Enjoy your holiday!  

  10. # Blogger MamaBlogger

    I love seeing your amazing work in action. Hope to see it in person someday. Portland would love to have you show up here!

    happy vacation!  

  11. # Blogger wendy

    this is amazing...that is so many the curve.
    love everything about this!!

  12. # Blogger Di

    The tanks look great! I love it!

    hope you have a great holiday!  

  13. # Blogger poppy

    such a great space to place you tank installation! you can really see the impact - stunning lisa!  

  14. # Anonymous risa

    i would love to one day help you set up an exhibit but i should warn you now that i can't ever use the top step of a ladder. too scary.
    i'm pretty good with a drill though.
    have a great trip!  

  15. # Blogger Katrina

    congrats on your show! it looks super. and enjoy your lovely time away. (ps-- i think i share your alumni stopping grounds. at mills? is this where you studied? i just finished there in 07. but in the mfa in poetry, not fine arts. alas! another fun connection. enjoy spring break.)  

  16. # Anonymous Andrea

    I know that curved wall must have been a challenge for you but the result is really a gift. It looks very cool.
    Enjoy your break!! :)  

  17. # Anonymous Lala

    Lisa, you just blew me away once again. Congrats ona breath taking installation.  

  18. # Blogger amisha

    it looks fantastic! and the curved wall turned out to be so cool... and the shadows and reflections... amazing. enjoy your break my friend. hope you get lots of rest and relaxation! xoxo  

  19. # Anonymous anne

    really a great work! i love the close up where you can see how they are pinned to the wall. awesome, awesome! ...and now off to a well deserved holiday! have a lovely and relaxing time!  

  20. # Blogger Shiny Black Shoes

    This is wonderful! I love the curved all, it gives it that extra something. I love the pattern you created, the textile artiste in me just gets so inpired, I see those tanks on some fabric....just saying :)

    wonderful job!  

  21. # Anonymous emily

    the tanks. the curve. the reflection. wonderful, all of it.  

  22. # Blogger diana fayt

    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! Well done lady!!!  

  23. # Blogger Esti

    That work is stunning!

    (Who said I wasn't holding my breath till I saw it, ha, ha, ha)  

  24. # Blogger jenifer74

    i must pop by sfsu and take a look. the curving wall is pretty magnificent. enjoy your lovely break!  

  25. # Blogger cally


  26. # Anonymous babelfish

    This is my fav tank installation yet, it works so well on the cuved wall -the colours you chose is beautiful! Have a relaxing break, you deserve it.  

  27. # Blogger star

    wow...look at all those tanks!! that's awesome! i'm really loving them on the curved wall!  

  28. # Anonymous louise

    Your installation looks fantastic, Lisa. Congratulations. That reflective floor was made for you. Hope you have a wonderful break... See you on the return. xo lj  

  29. # Blogger Lisa Conmara

    i love this! how quirky!

    fantastic stuff!  

  30. # Blogger cally

    just realised it's been april for days, hope you've been having a restful spacious time away from it all. missing your blog presence so i had a trip back in time through the blog, so lovely to see the breadth of work and images in one big gulp. xox  

  31. # Blogger molly

    i probably would have held my breath if i'd known about it...cuz...WOW. that is an AMAZING piece. congratulations. i'm excited to see it in person.  

  32. # Blogger lisa s

    i bow to all of you....

    THANK YOU for all the kind words and all the encouragement...

    and for all the well wishes for my trip! :)

    you guys are the bestest!


  33. # Anonymous shisomama

    sorry so late with my comment - it does look absolutely amazing. i wish i could've seen it in person. it's such a fitting space for the work. many congrats on a job well done!  

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