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illustration play

i'm actually quite excited an honored to announce this news.... i've been included in a new book anthology called Illustration Play. what is most exciting is that it includes a bunch of artists i've really admired for a long time. to be in their company is an honor i never thought i'd have a chance to talk about!

we each have a multiple page spread [i think 10 pages total?] and a little questionnaire in the back with all our our handwritings.

Illustration play

victionary press did such a nice job. i love that they made little stickers from all of our works and stuck them all over the front and back cover. they have more shots of the inside on their site .

amazon link to the book : Illustration Play

david park

timothy buckwalter asked me to submit a 500 word essay on a moment that made me want to be a painter for a KQED piece he was putting together. my thoughts on david park [pictured above] and john zurrier - the person that introduced me to him are here . what's great is that john's response to the same question is right below mine.....

finally.... the multi-talented patricia asked me if i would participate in her collection of interviews blog craft synergy . my interview is here . if you haven't checked out craft synergy you can get lost in all the interviews she's conducted. wow. thanks for asking me to participate patricia!

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35 Responses to “ssp”

  1. # Blogger Erin Lang Norris

    OH!!! Lisa that is wonderful! I cannot wait to check this book out! Congratulations! Sorry for all these exclamation points, but this is so exciting...!

    I haven't been over to craft synergy in some time, off to read your interview. :)  

  2. # Blogger perfectbound

    Congrats, Lisa! That book looks fantastic! We'll have to check it out!  

  3. # Anonymous Kathleen

    Lisa that is so exciting! Congratulations. The book looks awesome. So deserved too:)  

  4. # Blogger bugheart

    i am with erin.
    you never
    can't wait to
    get the book!

  5. # Anonymous risa

    i just added the book to my amazon wishlist. it looks beautiful.

  6. # Anonymous sally

    Congrats Lisa! So very proud of you. I'll have to get you to sign a copy for me next time I see you!  

  7. # Anonymous g.

    That's great!

  8. # Blogger cally

    So fantastic, you totally deserve to be in there with the people you admire. That is so cool, and the book itself looks amazing. My cheeks are getting sore because this is making me smile so much, and so BIG.

    I did a post for you yesterday...shadows xxx  

  9. # Blogger jen j-m

    i think you should do more ssp!! this is all such exciting news! congratulations. can't wait to listen to the interview.

  10. # Blogger pixiegenne

    wow - congratulations. the book looks beautiful!  

  11. # Blogger julie

    Amazing!!! congrats on the book - looks so good! Loved reading your essay on 'the moment' and discovery of David Park!!! And your interview - you can be proud to show us more - always :) xxx  

  12. # Blogger andrea tachezy

    This is great! Big congratulations!  

  13. # Blogger Katrina

    wonderful interview (the images are lovely) and the illustration book looks just dreamy. congrats, congrats to you!  

  14. # Blogger Blair

    Congratuations lovely lady! Well deserved. I'm off to read your interview. Hope you had a good day!


  15. # Blogger wendy

    oh so fabulous!!
    yeah for you.  

  16. # Blogger patricia

    Congratulations Lisa! That book looks wonderful.

    And thank you for accepting my invitation at Crafty Synergy. It was wonderful to have you! :)  

  17. # Blogger jenny vorwaller

    *clapping* yay! i can't wait to see it, well done lees!


  18. # Blogger alyssa


    Your new book looks amazing! Congratulations!  

  19. # Anonymous anne

    hi lisa,

    congratulations on being in this beautiful book! so well deserved! i raise my virtual glass to you and let it chink ;)

    love the painting by david park!! beautiful and inspiring as well as your essay!

    cheers on ssp!!  

  20. # Anonymous Andrea

    Thanks for posting about the book and congratulations! I love Crafty Synergy and get inspired with every interview.I'm glad you participated too :)  

  21. # Anonymous gracia

    Congratulations, Lisa, the book, and indeed all your news, sounds and looks wonderful.



    take care,
    g xo  

  22. # Blogger Tiffany

    When you totally rock, shameless self promotion is a must! And rock, Lisa - congrats!



  23. # Blogger Anke

    Lisa - this is fantastic! Congratulations!!! The book looks really good and I'm going to check out your interview right now.
    XO, Anke  

  24. # Blogger shari

    so many wonderful things. congrats sweet friend.  

  25. # Blogger amisha

    congratulations rockstar!! the book looks very cool. so excited for all these good things! xoxo  

  26. # Anonymous louise

    Totally brilliant. Huge congratulations on the book. What a fantastic project to be included in. xo lj  

  27. # Blogger simple me

    congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you :)

    sending loads and loads of love  

  28. # Blogger lilie-melo

    excellent news.
    I have to find this book !

  29. # Blogger poppy

    how exciting! this books looks like a must see! good things - i'm so happy for you!  

  30. # Blogger hrsj

    Lisa, that's so much goodness that my head is spinning! Is yours? :) it's all great news :)
    {thanks for visiting me today}  

  31. # Blogger life in yonder

    How funny: My work's name is "SSP" (Center for Senior Policies), Center in norwegian is written with S. Funny coincidence.  

  32. # Anonymous babelfish

    Congratulations Lisa, I'm so happy for you, so many great things well deserved (this book is going on my wishlist). Just read your interview, your inspiration goes deeper than your art.x
    PS. sorry for the delay in commenting.  

  33. # Anonymous Jessica

    Congratulations on the book!!!

    i hope we get to work together soon for The Shiny Squirrel.  

  34. # Anonymous Karen

    YAY!!! There's nothing better than going on a hiatus on blog reading and then finding out stuff like this.

    I can't wait to see the book Lisa!


  35. # Blogger Alanna Spence

    Hi Lisa, Alanna here. It's my last semester here at CCA and I've been thinking a lot about important moments or experiences here. And every time I run into John Zurier, I think, wow, what a great guy, what a great teacher. So it made me happy to see he introduced you to David Park. I'm glad you got to share that moment.  

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