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oh my god. how much do i want this dress?? anthrolopogie i curse you for making things that i want all the time. why oh why? this dress makes me want to do a gray doily installation and then stand in the middle of it wearing it.... sigh.

wedding invite

over the summer i did a wedding invitation design/printing. go gocco go! they just got married, so i think it's safe to reveal the design. i loved that this couple went for blue and brown - such a nice and nontraditional color combo. i liked the urchin that i drew for them so much that it's going to end up on some underdog goodies very soon. [i'm in the midst of getting it all together]

and speaking of underdog :

winter cards - ice skating boy and girl

the winter skaters are back and i also put up my holiday card from last year:

have a delightful winter

just in odd chance you don't want to make your own cards this year.... and happen to like mine.... you can buy them [heh heh!]

this year i broke down and just had my cards off-set printed. as much as i love making my own i couldn't fathom gocco-ing all thanksgiving again. not when i have a show i have to finish before the end of december. i actually really like how they came out [i'll show you after i send them out!]- but i do miss the gocco. i'll have to print something else for fun sometime soon.....

the documentary project will return next week. since it's the crazy holiday time of year [already?!] shari and i are going to post every-other week! and shari - you'll be proud - i have SOUND!! :) i just have to figure out how to get it on the blog.

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22 Responses to “working with paper and a dress i really really really want”

  1. # Blogger wendy

    oh that would be so fabulous...a dollie installation based on a dress. i kind of love it!
    can't wait to see what is on the horizon with underdog!

  2. # Anonymous louise

    Congrats on the fabulous Christmas cards... I think you should reward yourself with buying that dress. xo lj  

  3. # Anonymous sally

    LOVE the dress. And if you could incorporate the dress into one of your installations I believe you can write it off! ;)

    Love the urchins...can't wait to see more of your goodies.  

  4. # Anonymous gracia

    Yes, that dress seems so very you; hope to and grab it!

    And yes also to the dreamy combination of rich chocolate brown with that blue.

    Happy tinkering with sound files and more, g xo  

  5. # Blogger shari

    that dress is so you lisa! a gift to yourself for all of your hard work lately? ooh! sound file. yay! i'm so excited for the underdog update. beautiful wedding invites. lovin' the brown and blue. xox  

  6. # Blogger bugheart

    i love
    the idea
    of you
    wearing that
    in a sea of
    we should
    a fund for you
    . . .
    can i gocco
    with you
    some day?

  7. # Blogger bugheart

    were those
    the napa

  8. # Blogger Funky Finds

    love the winter skaters!  

  9. # Anonymous cruststation

    What a fabulous idea with that dress Lisa, I'm sure you'd look lovely in it. Did I hear a shop update? hooray! Oh, how I wish I had a Gocco...I might try creating some Christmas cards this year as part of the practice for my course (though I have lots of homework to hand in before the break)...eek!  

  10. # Anonymous risa

    i've been loving gray lately too...especially brownish grays. we ended up with a gray couch (which still hasn't arrived!), I'm wearing new brownish greay velvet pants I just bought (from anthropologie no less, and jordan hasn't taken off his gray sweater since he bought it a couple of weeks ago.
    be careful if you go into the anthropologie store...they have soooo many pretty and fancy holiday things that i know i would never actually wear as we usually sit around in thermals and jeans and hoodies over the holidays.  

  11. # Blogger perfectbound

    i too hope you get that dress. it's already inspiring you!

    i love your choice of colours and envelopes. so wonderful.  

  12. # Blogger hannah

    oh i hear you about the gocco. i've been churning ideas but the thought of all that printing...oof. any tips on the offset printing? did you go through an online place?  

  13. # Blogger Joy Madison

    Take thyself to ye ole' Target. Its not exactly the same but there is a Charcoal lace dress in the Isaac Mizrahi section that is calling your name. And for only $39.99, you might be able to more easily convince yourself you NEED it for Christmas:) I'm serious, I saw it last night, and it was the first thing that came to my mind with I saw your Anthro dress.  

  14. # Blogger Joy Madison

    oh and I couldn't find a photo online:(  

  15. # Anonymous andrea (scout)

    oh i love these! i've been trolling around etsy lately, searching for the perfect holiday cards (planning a 'best of' blog post around the hand-made goodies i found), but these are my favorite by far. you are a wonder. can't wait to order some. :)

    with love,
    *some chick who really likes christmas cards and figure-skated competetively in her youth

    (true story)  

  16. # Blogger this vignette

    oh lord, buy the bloody dress!  

  17. # Anonymous momo

    i like that color combo of brown and blue!! ^^  

  18. # Blogger lisa s

    hi wendy :D

    louise... twist my arm!

    yeah sally - i'll write it off... heh heh

    gracia.... double twist my arm!

    hi shari... thank you

    gwen... yes a fund. and yes - gocco. anytime

    babel - would love to see your card design!

    risa.... you are so talking my language.

    thanks perfect. i might go try it on....

    hannah - i used for these. they came out good, but i know people have had problems when they use a photo with them.

    i also have used
    in the past for other jobs. each has pluses and minuses.

    if you want to chat further about it - email me!!

    joy - you crack me up!

    ANDREA - you were a SKATER??? no way. how cool.... so glad you like them.

    this vignette - thanks for stopping by - peer pressure?? it might work

    hi momo... thank you!!  

  19. # Blogger Erin Lang Norris

    i want you to do a grey doily installation and stand in the middle, wearing that beautiful dress, too. :)  

  20. # Blogger cally

    all beautiful, inc the dress.
    Lisa, I'm a dufus, I accidentally deleted my email to you yesterday and couldn't face typing again so soon, but it will come, but like me - aa little slowly. x  

  21. # Anonymous julie

    The idea of you standing at one with your doilies made me smile.

    Your wedding card design is fab - love the colours! xx  

  22. # Blogger amisha

    i love the idea of you in a doily dress in the midst of a doily installation. and anthropologie... yes trouble indeed... i am going to make a *brief* pop-in to their outlet here in FL and just take a look-see :) hee hee.
    beautiful new holiday work too!!

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