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i got me some heath

how long has it been since i posted a corner of my home? a very very long time.

i brought home a couple of lovely wares from heath ceramics in sausalito. their store is so lovely. the people that work there are so kind. if i had an endless pit of money how much would i love to have a table full of heathware?

i love heath ceramics 2

i love heath ceramics


i'm way way way behind on some thank yous. i'm going to try and catch up here.... and i'm missing images [entire folders of photos seemed to have disappeared from my hard drive. harumph!] and i'm fearful i'm going to miss someone... so please forgive me if i do...

«« jenny , thanks for your amazing package - i can't believe i get to hold the drawing in my hands - along with all the other goodies!!

«« esoule and i traded. i got this . i love it. so much.

«« babel sent me a stack of good things to flip through and fawn over. and a bauble for my finger [always appreciated]. i have a stack to send out to her. soon soon soon. i am behind on mailing. so behind.

«« forever ago bug sent an amazing array of hoops, old time clothespins, sunglasses, a wrap skirt and a pair of THESE - which i had when i was a kid and so dearly love. they make a certain sound when you walk. clunk clunk.

«« for no reason at all liz sent me this photo . it is so amazing. noir - scary, but also delicate... that tape measure.... dangling.....


«« have you seen jen's book ?????? wow. i've been working on a 7x7 blurb book too, but not quite finished. hers is just stunning.

«« you have until TOMORROW to sign up for the ornament swap . kathleen and nicole are genius'. i so want to sign up - but i don't know if i can actually pull off a good ornament.... hmmmm

«« k.c. has been really rocking the links lately [well she always rocks them, but...] give tokyo polaroids a second look....

«« creature comforts has a great holiday guide

«« shari will be interviewing a host of creative folks this year just like she did last year.....

«« amy had her book signing tonight. [i don't think we can over-gush about this book] did anyone make it? would love to hear about it!

and so you don't curse me forever i will stop linking now. more soon....

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15 Responses to “multiples”

  1. # Anonymous andrea (scout)

    oh how i miss the heath store... such beautiful vases. and blurb books from both you AND jen? i have died and gone to heaven.

    (went to the book signing tonight; marvelous! i was amazed, but amy took at least 5-10 minutes to speak with each and every person there. i couldn't help but marvel at her boundless energy and kindness. also, wooden small-object needle cases. need i say more? :)

    i do hope you'll show us some more corners soon. xoxo  

  2. # Blogger Camilla

    Links are good- i've just been discovering blurbland now, thanks to you and your links.  

  3. # Blogger wendy

    love those photos!!
    and such wonderful links!

  4. # Anonymous Jessica

    love the ceramics so much!!!  

  5. # Blogger limonete

    love he white ceramics.

  6. # Blogger jen

    can't wait to see YOUR book, lisa!  

  7. # Blogger comfies

    sweet little home corner! and heath ceramics are so darn lovely, too.  

  8. # Anonymous Raydel

    I love your work and your taste in ceramics!;)  

  9. # Blogger shari

    lovely little corner. i'm a big heath ceramics fan. your photos are fantastic. lots of bloggy goodness this post. a blurb book you say? a blurb book!!! yay. xoxo  

  10. # Anonymous A Fanciful Twist

    OOoo, your treasures, and snippets of your home! How lovely!!!  

  11. # Anonymous cruststation

    Love sneak peeks of your home as always, the ceramics are gorgeous. Looking forward to your blurb book.  

  12. # Blogger lisa s

    hi andrea -- the book signing sounds like so much fun. wish i could have been there....

    camilla -- i consider you the queen of links, so... :)

    wendy... hi!

    jessica - i know - gorgeous, huh?

    limonete - you and me both

    jen.... big smile to you

    comfies.... yeah - heath. sigh.

    raydel... thanks so much!

    hi shari... figured you'd like heath. come to CA for a visit and we'll go!!!!

    hi vanessa.... :)

  13. # Blogger jenny vorwaller

    smiles.... :D

    i've been waiting to get back to the states for the blurb action too - a friend printed one last year and it looked amazing! (argentina doesn't allow printed materials to come in... )


  14. # Anonymous julie

    oh the ceramics...  

  15. # Blogger amisha

    drooling over the heath pieces... how perfect are they with the mums? gorgeous.

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