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tea party

i wish i had more time to have an elaborate tea party - or could bring something really great like fancy chairs [such a good idea gracia ] or create something really special like louise's drawings, but alas, i am short for time.... so you are invited to have king yunnan [smokey and yummy] tea with me....

i did get flowers


{this polaorid kind of reminds me of anne's . mine is a tad darker, but...}

so want to join in? the lovely risa is organzier extraoridinarre of this tea party..... there's more info there as well as links to everyone who is participating.

i can't wait to check it all out - but it will have to be later as i am off to a small small wedding.... romantic huh? this is the little present i made them....

small gift.... connecting gloves

be well.... have a good weekend... and don't forget shari is posting on ship of fools today too! [busy busy!]

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20 Responses to “tea party”

  1. # Anonymous risa

    oh! i just love your tea pot. thanks for coming! your favors are already on their way...
    and what a special wedding gift! i'm sure your friends will adore it.

  2. # Blogger julie

    You dont need to bring anything are enough!!
    Love the present you made for your friends and the polaroid - reminds me of the roses i drew a while back xxx  

  3. # Blogger

    I think that although you are busy today, you show that with your charming tea and teapot, you are ready for tea at the drop of a hat...Hope to see you after the wedding!  

  4. # Blogger amisha

    i love the teapot + cups! and such a sweet gift for your friends... enjoy the wedding!  

  5. # Blogger Shari

    a tea party and a wedding all in one friday! let the celebrations begin. i adore your teapot and i imagine your tea to be similar to lapsang souchang. smoky like a campfire. :) happy weekend sweet lisa! xoxo shari  

  6. # Anonymous sarah

    Your little tea pot is so adorable! I hope you have fun at the wedding. So glad to meet you.  

  7. # Anonymous Karen

    I'm not part of the tea party due to having broken my teapot recently :(

    But am loving sharing in everyone else's experience!

    What a great wedding present, I am sure they will love it.

    Have a great weekend!


  8. # Blogger Veronica TM

    Lovely teapot and thank you for the flowers!  

  9. # Anonymous jerusha

    a whirlwind day, filled with a tea party and a wedding too! i would love a cup of smokey tea and i love your flowers so. :) have a lovely weekend lisa! xo~ jerusha  

  10. # Blogger AnastasiaC

    smokey tea sounds great - id love a cup please!  

  11. # Anonymous ashb

    I love your beautiful teaware :) & someday we must have tea for real!
    great polaroid to! Hope you had a lovely time at the wedding ( most likely you did, weddings usually go nicely!)


    p.s. yes you can call me babe anytime!  

  12. # Anonymous gracia

    You can pour me a brew that is both smokey and yummy all rolled into one, anytime.
    I am loving touring the tea party blogs, hopping from place to place, with Man Chao playing in the background, my siamese cat by my side and the sun on my face.
    take care, g  

  13. # Blogger Janet

    sorry to have missed you at the party! I would have liked to have sat near you. Your teapot rocks! x  

  14. # Blogger Marieke

    That china is so beautiful! And the flowers too. I had a great time, you? x  

  15. # Anonymous wendy

    your tea sounds wonderful and I love the photo of the cups slightly tilted! fantastic.
    and that polaroid is lovely in its blurrness and colors!  

  16. # Blogger simple me

    It was so wonderful to see you at the party. I'm glad you made it despite your commitments.
    I loved when you walked in with the flowers, smile in you!  

  17. # Anonymous cruststation

    Sorry I am late to your party, I love your teapot and flowers. Your present to your wedding couple friend is beautiful.  

  18. # Blogger Listoria

    Nifty tea pot and the King Yunnan tea sounds interesting! I'll have to check it out.


  19. # Blogger lisa s

    hello friends... thanks for coming by [esp. new visitors!]. i wish we really could all have tea together - that would be fantastic.

    the wedding was really fun... :) it was a very full day!

    p/s ashb - look out babe! it's gonna stick!  

  20. # Blogger bugheart

    love it.
    oh if we only
    could all
    get together
    for teatime...

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