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my latest polaroid aquisition. i finally won one on ebay. i was outbid at the last second several times... and i didn't want to spend a whole arm and leg. just part of one. but now i have my very own 680. shoots like a land camera but built to take 600 film. auto and manual focus, light and dark capabilities, AND it has a flash. yeah - pretty excited. it's really amazing how clear this one can shoot.

i've been thinking a lot lately about how to deal with the state of the world and the blogsphere. i mean at times it seems like making art and being creative is so trivial and non-essential. bara summed it up pretty nicely today.... and i just want to acknowedge that. [and say ditto]. today i feel like it is OK to keep this space about inspiration, and beauty, and creativity.... an outlet of sorts.

and so on that note:
loop bag
i had to get this... it's a perfect size.... my new favorite everyday bag
more on it here

knit in the dark
hey knitters have you heard about these? you can knit in the dark... they have little LED's on their tips new york times article
and more on them here

polaroid for today - i think it pretty much sums up my state of mind:
in the yard

have a great weekend friends. drawings on monday!

14 Responses to “this post is brought to you by the # 680 and the letters S,L,&R”

  1. # Blogger bugheart

    am i the
    only nerd online
    (& procrastinating)...
    there are
    so many
    i write a blog entry
    and censor myself
    because i get
    into politics or
    that are
    distressing or sad...
    i figure people
    don't want to hear
    about it-
    maybe i think
    we need inspiration
    from people
    like yourself)
    to help us see
    that duality...
    the beautiful
    (art and nature)
    the horrible
    you name it)...
    maybe that's
    how i justify it
    at any rate.  

  2. # Blogger Shari

    hi lisa,
    my blog is like a little refuge for me. we are constantly bombarded with news and negativity and sometimes i just need a break from it all...a time to remember the wonders of life. i turn to blogs like yours...for beauty, creativity, inspiration....for a reminder of the good in the world.

    love your new camera and bag. tres cool.

    happy weekend to you! xo s  

  3. # Blogger erin scissorhands

    you and i share the same state of mind, according to what i can see from your lovely polaroid :)

    speaking of polaroids, i want to get a polaroid camera but i dont know much about them. i want one for my travel journal, which i want to start real soon (i havent made a journal yet that screams ME, but i have a feeling that mine will have pine tree silhouettes on the cover. i should just make one for myself already.)

    take care and happy polaroiding!  

  4. # Anonymous maditi

    congratulations on the camera :)
    I was trying to auction one at ebay for months and never managed - prices for a SLR 680 are astronomic on german ebay.
    so I finally gave up on the idea, until two weeks ago I found one at the fleamarket - for well, a bargain ;)
    well all my polaroid dreams came true and now I don´t use it ... I prefer to shoot with my SX70 - I guess, I´m really bizarre ;)  

  5. # Anonymous risa

    i just bought my husband a different version of that bag. he saw it in an art store in ny and has been obsessed with it ever is indeed the perfect size!  

  6. # Blogger Julie

    I also agree with your comment on keeping our blogs for a space about inspiration, beauty and creativity. Its a kind of escape to another world.
    That bag is my style too!!
    and I love the polaroid of you - honest.  

  7. # Blogger amstar

    I'm with you on the state of affairs and I DO think it's important to be pointing at the beauty in all the muck - the inspiration that keeps us all going. we must recognize, we must do something but (to me) art is a sincere attempt for re-enchantment and I think we could all use more of that. PEACE blog sister, Ab  

  8. # Anonymous gracia

    A refuge, a shelter, a sanctuary... a hideaway - ain't nothing wrong with that.
    take care, grache  

  9. # Blogger poppy

    those thoughts too have crossed my mind; do i sound unaware, insensitive? but thanks for saying it out loud. and bringing this blogging thing as a refuge - yours being one of my faves!

    p.s. - my word verification today is znkrapi - what does that mean?  

  10. # Anonymous blair

    Congrats on the fight-to-the-finish winning bid and camera from ebay. Can't wait to see more polaroids.

    I think about the world vs. my blog world at times like this too. My blog is highly sensored, yet very personal too. I try to remember what the original purpose of it was, and challenge myself to stay on the creative track, and keep it interesting. But sometimes it does feel weird to talk about arts and crafts when you feel like the world at large is utter chaos.  

  11. # Blogger lisa s

    gwen... thank you for such lovely words. they hit the spot. [and last i checked all us bloggers were nerds and fantastic procrastinators, no?]

    shari... yes... it is such a joy to pop around the blogworld and see everyone's creativity. a restpit indeed

    erin... i suggest any cheapy polaroid that you can get on ebay or at the goodwill.... one that will take 600 film... and i tend to like the ones w/ a flash b/c then you can shoot indoors... i'd be happy to chat w/ you more about this if you want

    maditi - not bizarre at all... you could make a fortune selling that camera on ebay - i got super lucky - but some of them are going for SO MUCH $$ - it's crazy!

    risa! great minds :) i love my bag!!! [did you get it at dick blick??]

    hi julie... thank you....

    amstar - so so well said. thank you! and yes - let's all wish for peace....

    gracia... big smile.... you certainly provide that!

    jan - yours is such a fav of mine... although bad for my wallet :) znkrapi means - shielded from the crap of the world!

    blair... so well said.... thank you.
    and more polaroids are definitely on the way!  

  12. # Anonymous wendy

    so wierd...I commented, I wonder if I didn't type my code in correct...but I was saying something along the lines of how we as humans try to find wonder and light in the face of horror...this is our little way to find the beauty...  

  13. # Blogger dani

    love polaroids.
    love what you do with them
    love the bag
    love love love
    you're too cool!  

  14. # Blogger andrea

    love the polaroid of you and the title of this post. :)  

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