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photobooth friday :: i want to be like lou reed Originally uploaded by dressform.

i say i want to be a singer like lou reed...i like lou reed she said... sticking her tongue in my ear....

name that tune???

that's all i can think of when i look at this picture. i look way to serious for my own good - like i could kick some a**.... heh heh. get your photobooth friday fill at hula seventy

you know it's a long day when you don't eat lunch until 3pm [i did have a banana and an apple] but not a real lunch until 3 [no lectures from the peanut gallery, k?]. i did, though, go to the richmond art center to scope out my wall for my installation. all next week i'll be there trying to figure this sucker out.

here we go!
i'm excited... this wall will be in the center of the room - so that when you walk in you'll actually see just a skinny side of it first.... and i'll have the installation wrap around both sides of the wall... and maybe on the floor??? here we go!

and now i must spend some time saying a hearty heartfelt thanks to gwen [who by the way got the last song quiz right]. i love her sensibility, i love her collections , i love that she's a scientist AND artist, i love that she has monday give-a-ways, i love that she loves piles [and writes in them]. i'm excited because she will be in the bay area this fall and i will get to meet her in person!

anyway - she sent me the most amazing box full of prizes, just because::

cram cream cuteness galore

such details
all these incredible details.... collage note.... tags..... even the fragile sign on the outside of the box.... wow. sigh.

kitchen goodies
like candy.

and because we have been talking piles :: [which by the way feel free to post next Wed... i'll do another round too!]
pile o' cups
i think they will live like this in my dining room... only to be used by very special folks that come for tea of coffee *smile*

and i leave you with a polaroid....
old and new

near UC Berkeley. these two were pretty much right across the street form each other - i found that fitting.....

happy weekend friends - see you monday w/ drawings!

18 Responses to “photobooth friday :: i want to be like lou reed”

  1. # Anonymous risa

    what a gorgeous photo of you. i love the texture and color. brilliant. and i'm jealous of shari getting to see your work in person...lucky her.  

  2. # Blogger Julie

    Love the photos of you - makes me smile :)
    The exhibition sounds so exciting - wish i could see it in person - I have to tell you how I LOVE your work. Enjoy installing it!
    (how did it take me so long to find you??!!)
    And what a fantastic package you got from Gwen - I love her tags and thoughtfulness!!
    Have a lovely weekend..  

  3. # Anonymous pat

    The glasses make me think of Audrey Hepburn. VERY sexy, girl!  

  4. # Blogger bugheart

    let's go,
    let's sit,
    let's talk,
    politics goes
    so good with beer

    i quoted
    that last night-
    we must have
    the same
    playing in
    our heads.
    you know...
    just deserve
    that's what
    i say.  

  5. # Anonymous Ky

    the pixies =)
    (love the cram cream!)  

  6. # Blogger poppy

    this photobooth pic looks somewhat familiar... (i have one so close to that)...and looking forward to see this installation (completed)!

    lucky you with all those goodies too!  

  7. # Anonymous wendy

    That wall is going to be fabulous!!
    So excited for all your shows...wish you had some help though!  

  8. # Blogger Shari

    love the colorful cups all stacked so neatly! :) i swoon over gwen's handwriting...i love it so. those tags!!!

    cool photobooth shot. i haven't done one in so long...maybe for next friday. your installation sounds wonderful! xo shari

    ps: ah, the music!!  

  9. # Blogger andrea

    girl, this is the coolest... absolutely love this of you! xo  

  10. # Anonymous gracia

    Great descriptive, telling snaps as always... and I'll be airing my junk piles on Wednesday too. Happy wall planning as well (from a 3pm lunch eater in Melbourne)... take care, g  

  11. # Blogger dani

    good luck with the show next week....i won't be here to say it then.

    and of course loving those polaroids!!!!  

  12. # Anonymous ashb

    wow! I clicked the photo of all the cute tags & it took me to your trades set on Flickr, you have done SO many! How fun ;)
    I don't believe I have ever posted on your blog before, which is funny because I've read it many times & you pop up in so many other bloggers posts, I see you all the time!
    So hello, I am Ash!
    nice to meet you via the blog ;)

    p.s. I loved your photoswap pics on flickr!  

  13. # Blogger sk8ordiehard

    OOO, I'm getting in on this Wednesday pile day. I need all the decluttering inspiration I can get!  

  14. # Anonymous melanie

    That song is going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the day so I might as well pull out that CD and dance to it!  

  15. # Blogger simple me

    Cool photo! I like photobooth photos...they always make me laugh!
    and then I always think of Amelie (the movie) but I have no access to any photobooth around here.*sigh!*
    That installation of yours sounds promissing. Looking forward to see more of it. Enjoy doing it!
    Those little tags and goodies you got are precious. Lucky girl!

  16. # Blogger lisa s

    hi risa... thank you so much! you are so nice....

    julie :D... i am glad to have found you as well.... i wish i could meet you at the installation....

    pat - my HERO ms hepburn...thanks

    gwen - you are 2 for 2!! you definitely deserve a prize or two yourself.... :)

    ky - ;)

    well jan - show us yours!! pretty pretty please!

    wenders... you always take care of me... thanks. i wish you were out here

    shari - yes! do a photobooth!! do it!

    hi andrea... xoxo

    gracia... so glad i'm not alone on the 3 pm thing.... :)

    thanks dani!!

    hi ash! thanks for saying hi and poking around! nice to meet you!!

    sk8.. yay! the more the merrier!

    melanie.... long live the pixies... and dancing to them

    paula... i know... amilie.... sigh...
    thanks for the luck.... i need it  

  17. # Blogger Nessie Noodle

    I love those cups and saucers. where did she get them? wonderful!

    "Pile it on Friday", Huh? I like it. count me in!

    love this photobooth btw. just too much drama happening here!
    good luck with the installation-  

  18. # Blogger Nessie Noodle

    I guess that should have read "pile it on Wednesdays" instead of Fridays.. getting my days confused :)  

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