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there's little i control

i am almost there.... almost.... tomorrow.... and maybe one more day.... i'm trying to figure out how they are going to live on this floor platform. do i need the floor platform?? i'm sure i will dream about pushing a push pin into the wall to make pilot holes... no more typing... just blue photos... because this installation is all different blues.... have a fabulous weekend everyone.... i have a wedding on saturday, but sunday. sunday i am sleeping.....

the blue sofa

crochet a blue chini

11 Responses to “light at the end of my blue tunnel”

  1. # Blogger Julie

    ..all different blues...the suspense is growing..cant wait to see!
    Love this collection of polaroids..i bet the blue sofa was very appealing after a long day at the exhibition hall!!
    Have a great weekend xx  

  2. # Blogger bugheart

    love the blues!
    can't wait
    to see your
    you are
    almost there

  3. # Anonymous pat

    Your posting reminded me of The Little Engine that Could....I think you can, I think you can, I think you can! Then you get to rest on Sunday....  

  4. # Anonymous wendy

    love the polaroids...the one with your rockstar sunglasses...too lovely.
    have fun at the wedding and getting some needed rest! can't wait to see photos!  

  5. # Blogger Annika Sandin

    It has been a long and hot summer in Sweden, have not had much time for internet and blogging. It seems like I have a lot to catch up with... But as always, it's very nice to visit you and see what you've been up to lately.
    See you soon again :)  

  6. # Anonymous blair

    hey blue you! can't wait to see either. even your kitty looks tired.  

  7. # Anonymous gracia

    Love these four polaroids grouped together... in fact, I love the whole feel of this post and the stream of consciousness text.
    take care, g  

  8. # Anonymous Karen

    Hey girly girl.

    You look all rock star glam in the sea of blues....and look at how gorgeous your kitty is. Can't wait to see what you've been cooking up!  

  9. # Blogger poppy

    so funny - (the cat) and i'm loving that blue chair with the green blanket of course!  

  10. # Anonymous abby

    Oh dear lisa! I am thinking of you and trying to send some energy your way. You amaze me as always-these polaroids are stunning-I am sure though not half as stunning as your installation. I hope you are enjoying the wedding and that you can actually rest tommorrow.  

  11. # Blogger dani

    love this series of 4 sorry to hear about moe.
    all the best for the show!!!!  

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