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i believe a new tradition has been born. believe the sign - we are so good together [heh heh]. lisa c's house is even better in person than it is in pics. she has so much cool stuff organzied in the most interesting way [and with fab colors !!]. my favorite quote from her last night: "trees are very HARD to draw - that's why i only draw the trunks!".... mati was as cute and charming as ever. last night i really noticed the adorable cadence in her speech. certain words get drawn out and there are emphatic pauses that i love.... and meeting shash for the first time was great. mati took this adorable polaroid of her where she was sitting like a sweet grandma - but she doesn't look or talk like a grandma! and she has a fantastic laugh! how lucky i feel to have the opportunity to eat and chat with such creative, smart, dedicated women! see a few photos from the night here . mati - your turn next right??

also good together are my piles [in my dreams, but i'm trying to segue here]

piles and piles and piles

piles of art to be boxed - going to a show that opens Aug. 26th at LIMN gallery :: pile of source material :: pile of doilies for my upcoming installtion :: pile of felt guns for a checkbook cozy order

piles and piles and piles - part deux

the crazy mess of stuff that needs to be put away by my desk :: pile of paint in the studio :: piles of source books :: piles of heavy books flattening targets from wendy :: piles of polaroids to be scanned

you can check out both larger on flickr [click on the photo]

so what it is about piles? i kind of see them as organization - light. things look better in piles and strewn all over the place - and they definitely look better photo'd than in real life :) plus it's easier to move a pile. when taking these photos i realized how many more piles i do have around. sigh.... this could become a tradation....

come on - go ahead - show your piles! shari has! any other takers?? and don't let being in a different hemisphere stop you.... it doesn't have to be pile wednesday - pile thursday works too!

more piles found around [yes, that rhymes]::
bugheart [thanks for indulging me again ]
posy press

18 Responses to “good together :: piles and piles”

  1. # Blogger Shari

    oh your piles are not so bad. in fact, i rather like them. they are way prettier than mine. :) your evening sounds so so fun. a blog dinner club! wish i could come over. sigh. oh and lisa's letterpress poster is the coolest. xo shari  

  2. # Anonymous alyssa


    Your piles are so interesting. Each one looks like it has a story to tell. They make the observer very curious. What great and many projects you are involved in.

    P.S. Your lovely package arrived safely to my home. I love it! The shape reminds me of a skirt. Thank you very much.  

  3. # Blogger Julie

    just joined in - but im embarrassed - yorr piles are nicer than mine!!!!!! Beautiful piles of art!  

  4. # Blogger bugheart

    your piles
    are little
    or art.
    no fair
    are not
    messy piles
    coordinated ones.

    sounds like
    a lovely
    to be had
    by all-
    it's so fun
    to read
    each person's
    on the same

  5. # Blogger mati rose

    awww, do i really? i wish one could hear/see oneself in another's eyes. i cannot wait for our next meet-up!  

  6. # Anonymous tania

    such interesting piles!
    i am so envious of the west coast meetings-
    looks like it was lots of fun-  

  7. # Anonymous blair

    what a fun evening you guys must have had. bloggers meeting always gives me the chills (in a good way, of course!)  

  8. # Anonymous lisa

    you are in a show at limn?? you didn't tell me that! when does it open?? i must come!  

  9. # Blogger posy press

    i love the piles...i'm so in.
    your night sounded lovely...i love your descriptions!  

  10. # Blogger cindy

    why did my camera die? ack! your piles are so beautiful! ok that sentence sounds strange, you know what i mean.

  11. # Blogger erin scissorhands

    she's right! trees ARE hard to draw, uugh. BUT ive been practicing and i just drew 2 within the past hour!

    i agree with everyone else- i like the piles!  

  12. # Anonymous pat

    Get togethers with colleagues who have become friends are worth savoring and scheduling once again because the empathy is like none other one can experience!  

  13. # Blogger briana

    Lovely lisa... what a wonderful evening you had! I really enjoyed getting to participate through all four of your respectivve posts! Also, seeing Shari visiting your show over on her blog! How fun!

    And piles - I am burried in them at the moment. Other people's are more fun.  

  14. # Anonymous Karen

    I agree with Briana. How come everyone's piles seem so arsty and fun? My piles and disgusting and miserable. My office move has made me neglect my home and now it just feels like my home is just ONE PIG PILE....


  15. # Anonymous louise

    Hi Lisa,
    Pile Wednesday... can I join in next week?
    Cheers, Louise  

  16. # Anonymous abby

    Oh-your piles are great!
    What a fun night!!! You ARE so good together:)
    Isn't Shash so sweet? Oh, so cute you all are-I love reading about the same night on different blogs-what a great little modern "salon". I just saw Shari's pics of one of your shows-so freaking rad! You are awesome, I don't know how you do it all lisa, but thanks for sharing with us!  

  17. # Blogger sarah

    oh lisa, your piles are just beautiful and are making me smile...  

  18. # Blogger lisa s

    shari.... :) i dunno about the prettier piles... but i wish you could join the dinner club too!

    alyssa :: thanks! that's so nice... and i'm so glad your package made it... as did your thank you to me... which was very very sweet!!

    julie.... no no no ... do not be embarassed!

    gwen... your piles are pretty coordinated....:)

    yes mati - you do! and can't wait too!

    tania... wish you could join us!

    blair - me too... wish we could get the whole west coast - you guys up in portland too!

    lisa.... emailed you :)

    posy... thanks for playing

    cindy... whenever you get that camera fixed/replaced... play along!

    erin :) i guess practice makes perfect w/ trees :)

    pat - so very true

    hi bri!!! :) try photo-ing your piles... that's all i did. i'm still burried in them, but when you crop all close they look MUCH better

    karen - see above... but exciting about the move!!!!

    louise - yes yes yes

    oh abby - you are making me blush. i wish we could all get together.... thanks for being interested in what i do. it really means A LOT!

    hi sarah... thank you!!  

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