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drawing a day ~ week 43 Originally uploaded by dressform.

i'm in another state - another state of mind... i wish that i could be there right next to her.... name that tune - anyone??

for me maybe the her is time. can i sidle up to her and seduce her? can i make her perform a trick or two [perhaps slowing down or extending]?? no such luck i'm afraid, but....

say goodbye to purples in the drawings - pink is on the way. my favorite this week is the bird-cagey one - although they aren't really bird cages or anything - i just like the spacing in that one. and the colors. like candy. speaking of which i had a cinnamon fire-ball today and remembered how much i LOVE that candy.

my brain is a scattered mess... so polaroids....
3 watering cans

roses in the dark

and a link to amy's quilt monday which just knocked me over. it's AMAZING. and which also reminds me that i need to carve out a day to see the gee's bend quilts at the de young . thank god that show is up until the end of december!

i will try to be more cohesive next time... promise!

16 Responses to “drawing a day ~ week 43”

  1. # Blogger erin scissorhands

    oh i LOVE the 3rd one in the top row! the polaroids are great too, as usual!  

  2. # Blogger shash

    those are like candy! i know what song that is, but i cheated by looking it up on google, so i won't ruin it for the other guessers...  

  3. # Blogger bugheart

    this road leads to this,
    this one leads to that...

    know how you feel...
    time is getting
    away from me-
    45 days until
    my exam!
    girl, you have
    eclectic taste...
    from stereo total
    to this!

  4. # Anonymous wendy

    I love these...the cageish ones are lovely...and the dollie like a flower...and your polaroids are quite lovely!!

    (wow there is only single digits left with the weeks of drawing a day!)  

  5. # Anonymous louise

    Hi Lisa,
    The polaroid is the perfect medium for those scattered days. I particularly enjoyed the watering can pic.
    Cheers, LJ  

  6. # Anonymous gracia

    Love the drawing reminiscent of hybrid bird cages. The shapes remind me of the netted forms you put over cakes and edible sweets to keep the flies at bay... or of obscure jelly moulds. Perhaps I'm just feeling peckish.
    Hello pink!
    cheers, gracia  

  7. # Blogger Abigail

    Oh how much are we on the same page...?? brain is mince {now, that IS scottish!!}too...but boy did your beautiful drawings, wonderful links and polaroids provide a sanctury of relief and restbite...

    hang in there! xox  

  8. # Anonymous blair

    I really like the drawing on the top left, the first one. I looked at it and immediately thought of party lights. And when did we all become so stretched to the limits timewise? (Its happening here too, where is summer going?) xo  

  9. # Blogger Julie

    I also love the bird cagey drawing - reminds me of jelly fish!
    The polaroid of the watering cans makes me think of tanks lined up ready to fire..interesting why im thinking that!?!?!  

  10. # Blogger Shari

    oh such lovely drawings. lisa, you provide me with such inspiration! i adore your you have a polaroid gallery on flickr? it would be fun to see them all together. roses in the! xo, shari  

  11. # Blogger Shell

    Delicious little drawings. The last one is delicate and beautiful. And I know what you mean about time - she's so fleeting and elusive!  

  12. # Anonymous maditi

    your brain may be a scattered mess, but your post is beautiful :)
    lovely drawings and photos - looking forward to more pink!!  

  13. # Anonymous Karen

    Are we all in the same state in blogland? Time, she is not my friend right now. She is constantly running from me and I am exhausted with trying to catch up! I wish I could have at least a couple of 48 hour days right now...  

  14. # Blogger eireann

    yes, loving the watercans and the 'birdcages.'

    keep breathing!  

  15. # Blogger lisa s

    hi erin... thanks!!!

    shash... you are so cute :)

    gwen wins the song prize! the yet to be determined song prize

    hi wenders... thank you friend !! i know single digits. scary.

    thanks louise!!! so kind of you!

    gracia... i love that... i actually love those netting bug protector things. is that weird?

    abigail... mince meat pie?? :) you are a doll!

    blair... i don't know... summer... come back... come back!

    julie... that is really funny - esp. since i did a whole body of artwork using tanks. i love that you see that.

    shari... xoxo

    hello shell...thanks for visiting and for your kind comment!!

    thank you sweet maditi! pink pink it is!

    karen - yeah - if you figure out that 48 hour day you'll let me know how to make that happen in my world, right??

    hi eireann... thank you... for the reminder too. i need it... breathe. yes breathe....  

  16. # Blogger simple me

    Probably one of my favourite group of your drawings.
    The watering cans polaroid is a must.

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