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the reddest rose Originally uploaded by dressform.

spent all day yesterday in the garden... see....
mini plants

this is the latest i think we've ever planted our veggies. i love how dorky the plants look when they are small. hubby also won a gift certificate to target at work and so we spent some of it in the garden section. the rose above came from there... it is the reddest of reds. i'm so excited [not many roses in our yard thus far]. speaking of target - have you seen the new tara store? i love the striped bag . i'm so predictable.

hubby's brother is in town - so time to gear up for a BBQ - plus get everything else done [grading? still there! drawings? must photo]. but before i go


a hint of what i'm sending for bara's trim swap. which certainly makes me go woo hoo.... i really wanted to make my partner something personal, but am afraid that i'll have to ask her if she's up for a zaaka swap another time. i had grand ideas. i have let them go. i am sending her some of my favorite vintage embroidery hoops in yellow, though - because i think she's currently into that color.... hmmmm....

who says dogs and cats don't get along?

i woke up to this the other morning.... i can't believe they didn't move before i got the camera, but.... proof that doggies and kitties can snuggle!

chini you make a good pillow

and i how could i forget....
more mail

mail! from annie {her CD is ALL covers... clever girl.... and that card has a tonka on it!!}, a CD from kathy {have a good trip!}, my lucky dip art swap piece... [how funny that i used wood too?], and adorable cards and the like + music from tammy . yeah. mail rulz! happy memorial day!

16 Responses to “priorities”

  1. # Blogger eireann

    so CUTE!!!! and funny. I love sleeping animals. Talk about dorky (in the best way!). :)  

  2. # Blogger Jon

    i can't believe how adorable that picture is of your doggy and kitty!!
    also LOVE that wood piece- soo good!  

  3. # Anonymous Nicole

    Cute critters, love the veggie garden.  

  4. # Blogger Funky Finds

    OMG the snuggly kitty & pup are just TOO cute!!!  

  5. # Anonymous abby

    How fun-I love gardening. I hope you have a good time w/your bro-in-law,ahh, family is good. Yeah, I am hoping (fingers are crossed) that you have me for the trim swap, but sadly I don't think so. Oh well, someone else deserves a little lisa goodness sometimes. Enjoy the holiday-abbs  

  6. # Blogger dani

    beautiful redness!!!
    sweet little animal love!!!  

  7. # Blogger simple me

    Cats and dogs snuggling...I love it. I also have a few pictures of my two creatures sleeping like this.
    Gardening, how great and home produced vegetables taste so much better.
    I hope you post more pictures on the development of your plot.

  8. # Anonymous pat

    ditto from me about Tonka and the kitty.....AMAZING!! GOOD LUCK with the veggies this year.  

  9. # Blogger mati rose

    holy cuteness!
    i am partial to roses in gardens (not so much the store kind), but natural make my heart swoon. especially that red!  

  10. # Anonymous Daphne

    They look so peaceful together...I wish I had a little garden to plant my veggies. I do have a rooftop but all the flowers die up there in this heat :(  

  11. # Anonymous Ky

    goodness abounds =) and oooohh the sweetness that is your cuddling furry friends....=)  

  12. # Anonymous Karen

    Great pictures, Lisa! Especially of the doggy and kitty sleep. Total cuteness!  

  13. # Blogger lisa s

    eireann... i know... :D

    jon.... it's super silly, huh? and of COURSE you'd like the wood piece!

    thanks nicole and funky finds

    abby.... nope you aren't my trim swap partner.... but there's always a trim swap possibility between us!

    hi dani! :) and pat!! [thanks for the luck. looking forward to yummy veggies]

    paula - i will definitely post progess pics of the garden!!

    mati... meee toooo {about roses in gardens not store bought - and the red!}

    hello daphne... thanks for visiting and commenting! i wish you could have a garden too... gardening can be so wonderful!

    hi ky and karen! yes! cuddling and cute!  

  14. # Blogger Shari

    gosh, i can't keep up with your posts. so much goodness. i wish we could garden together. looks like you've got a good one. also, what cute pics of your little animals snuggling together. xo, shari  

  15. # Blogger andrea

    ohhhhh, I hope you will share pics of the garden as it progresses this summer... I'll be living vicariously! I miss gardening so much. *sniff*  

  16. # Anonymous wendy

    love the raised beds...reminds me of childhood.
    catching the photos of tonka with the cat - they totally match!  

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