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drawing a day ~ week 31 Originally uploaded by dressform.

back to the root of drawing... [does that make any sense?] i wanted to draw things that surrounded me. that moved me with their simplicity. things that BELONG to me. [except for the bed.... can't give up on the doily thing....] so this week is very minimal. very simple. truly about line and space in hopefully a fundamental way....

the week of color made me think about the difference between visuals and words. how you can interconnect the two and how something purely visual resonates in an entirely different way.

do you want/need both? do you respond to one more than the other? are our brains wired to "get" one more than the other? [this has been proven?? photographic memory vs. writing/audible memory....]. i wonder in the grand scheme of things what this is all about? like evolutionarily [is that a word?] why for some visual aspects became a strong genetic trait and why for others hearing, or cognitive thinking became more prominent. are we really hardwired some way or can you learn and/or practice a new and different method of seeing/learning/understanding?

i am still also thinking a lot about ego, participation, and recognition. vegas and venice had some really interesting thoughts in the comments of the last few posts.... what really struck me is how the order of the words makes such a huge difference. they do seem really cyclical. and i keep wondering what is it that i want for my art, for this blog... for anything. can i find an answer to that? it seems like the answer changes.... and it gets so tiring to put yourself out there and get rejected/disappointed.... but it's also important.... isn't it? so what DO i really want?? [if i had a million dollars i'd give it up for the answer!]

ok enough philosophy 101 - [and by the way i find it VERY funny that i am currently working on a web banner for the philosophy dept. at uc berkeley.... coinkydink?] hope the start of your week is swell.....

**** book club.... i'm thinking we should just read all 3 of those books.... let's start w/ the sara vowell? let's say we start on the 25th [so that we all have enough time to get the book] and natasha made a whole bunch of suggestions that sound fabulous in these comments .... next round???

6 Responses to “drawing a day ~ week 31”

  1. # Blogger joy madison

    don't you think that we are all different. We remember differently...some more visual, some more about the words? I know with jon and I we both like certain songs, but most times he likes it for the music, and I like it for the words. He's MUCH more into the sound of the music, and if the beat is hittin than if the words are great. I love music who's words speak to me. The same seems to be the case with visual versus words..... some people like to mull over the words over and over again, and some people need a picture to go with the words....books versus movies, ect.....I like to make up the movie in my head in a book, but some people will only watch movies.

    I think it can be learned. I know that if I had had a tv when I was I kid it is very likely that I would not have ever had the love affair with books that I do. I know I have a tendency to take the lazy route, so I would have been very drawn to movies and tv....and not books. Take that as you will:)

    Okay, I'm being long winded and perhaps doing a little too much mental meandering:) Happy Monday!  

  2. # Anonymous wendy

    I am super visual - a photo can take me back to a moment in time like nothing else the drawings. the fan is my favorite this week.
    do you have favorites?  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Not being a very visual person I love how you portray everyday things like an office chair or a fan in such a wonderful way. What for you is just an exercise is for me wonderous. A collage of such things might be worth doing, eh?  

  4. # Blogger poppy

    like the idea of going back to the root of things. i am very visual, almost to distraction that i miss important things like words. good question, i'll have to ponder that. i went to flickr and looked at your drawings, i'd love to make comments today, but time is so rushed here. love the fan one!  

  5. # Blogger lisa s

    joy.... yes! i do think we are all different - that's what's so fascinating about it for me.... i love your mental meandering... it's GREAT!! xo

    wendy - what about smell... sometimes i think smell is the one that sneaks up on you.... do i have favorites? sometimes i have ones that i think are stronger... it's funny that you like the fan... that is the one i'd "do-over" if i thought about it....

    anonymous... i'm quite flattered by your comment.... i'm not a big collage person per se... but that is an interesting thought.

    hi jan.... your comments are always appreciated... here / there / anywhere! thank you!!  

  6. # Anonymous anke

    words and vision and how they are connected...I actually had a class on that once...hard to explain in English...naming things actually makes you look at your world in a different way (like a tree for can break it down to leaves and bark or just see it at a part of nature). Very interesting but confusing when you go into details. I have to admit that sometimes I just look at the pictures in some blogs...or I just look at pictures on flickr and know that I could get along with the creator of the photo...that we share the same tastes or backgrounds...does that make any sense?

    I'll order my book right away!  

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