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self portrait ~ my day 10/25

determined to document myself all day today.... here's the run-on sentence of what happened.... didn't want to get out of bed.... garb either.... feed dogs... check email/blogs/flickr... prep for class tomorrow.... yawn... go to studio and pack up things for kt to choose.... sugary snack since i'm early, there's a starbucks and i have a $5 giftcard [yay!].... drive back to studio w/ unchosen work.... that truck looks like it has crosses on it! [oh they are to hold glass].... print things out at studio.... go to trader joes [my night to cook]... drive home w/ groceries.... take off nail polish that has chipped beyond belief.... work on images to send to ben.... start dinner [brussel sprouts]... cook dinner.... make plate and eat dinner [yum! fish tacos]... pet chinny... take shower... put on slippers... do drawing a day.... and if i finished taking photos.... more computer work... and then sleep.....

why does so little take so long???

so i didn't really say anything about the party at the deyoung i went to the other night. one of their opening parties. the building is AMAZING!!! really really beautiful architecturally. there's a tower that you can go and see a view [it's in golden gate park.... sigh....]. there's an entire room of ruth ozawa pieces [no images online] that took my breath away. they are so stunning. i must find a book of hers. they are intricate woven lovelies that hang from the ceiling... wire? i think so... anthropormorphic biological shapes.... delicate and hollow and structurally intriguing all at once! and then the shadows they cast are mesmerizing.... sigh.... the party was for artists and dealers in the area... it was fun [there were a few "wacky bay area artists" that dressed up... someone had blown up rubber gloves all over them.... i'm not sure why??] i want to go back during the day and really poke around. there were all these nooks and terrarium like areas that you couldn't really see at night. and the architect seems to be into contrasting materials... wood w/ glass and textured concrete... granite walls?? they have an OK contemporary collection [i'm not sure why they hung certain things together] - but the galleries themselves are spectacular... some with 30 foot ceilings? [at least that's what it seemed like!] and they have all the cool archeological stuff.... egyptian artifacts and the like.

today i took some of my work to trawick . she is going to have me do a wall piece for her wall-works show jan/feb of next year. yay! i'm excited. i had an idea to do a doiley thing and she totally loved it! so now i just have to know what wall.... and i can start to plan. this will be fun. she also helped me strategize. i've been nominated for this thing - which is an honor - but it's nervwracking. 6 slides. they look at 6 slides to decide if you go onto round 2. ugh. but after talking to kt i feel much better... she helped me at least weed out what NOT to put in... and good thoughts on what TO put in. i will debate this until the very last second i am sure. as is my libra nature.

OK... i still have to prep for class tomorrow... the basics of illustrator.... a program that can do a million and one things. what in the world are the basics??

9 Responses to “self portrait tuesday - #12”

  1. # Anonymous Nicole

    Great series Lisa!! Love it. Your doggies are so cute! Sorry, so is the cat.  

  2. # Anonymous Alison

    I love this image set - a real documentation script of your day. Lovely :)  

  3. # Anonymous wendy

    I love this. the little pieces of your life with words. I love to see how you spend you day!!
    Your wall sounds fun. And the stress for the other show. Wow, so much pressure! But exciting nonetheless.  

  4. # Anonymous pat

    whew! you are one very busy lady. but the nomination and the wall project make it worthwhile, don't they? remember: one foot in front of the other!  

  5. # Blogger jenny vorwaller

    i love this clump of photos lisa, it's always so interesting to peek into your life...  

  6. # Blogger andrea

    love this photocollage. and not to beat a dead horse but I just think it's amazing that we can peek into each other's everyday lives like this... really.

    the ruth ozawa pieces sound amazing. and yay for the upcoming piece for the wall works show! sounds fantastic... I look forward to hearing more about that one.  

  7. # Blogger stephanie

    brussel sprouts AND fish tacos for dinner? Can I come over?

    I'm just browsing through here and I want to say thank you, thank you for that Minette link you posted (the beautiful felt accessories). I had been there, but I had been unable to find my way back. I've been googling random things trying to find it again for weeks.  

  8. # Blogger abbytrysagain

    This is awseome! My favs are the ones of you installing your pieces. You kind of look like my friend Lexi :) It nice to get a view of your worlds. answer your comment-yes I tweaked the colors of the photo on my blog. Can't wait to swap some stamped goodies with you soon. I email you this weekend. abby  

  9. # Anonymous tara

    really lovely a little quilt of your day:-) and your doggies really are too cute!

    congrats on the piece for the wall works show (and for pieces in hopefully-hopefully future shows)...let me know if you'd like any help with the set-up or take-down!  

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