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so i meant to do this last week... but couldn't get it together..... this is me at the wedding in mendocino [so yes some of these will look familiar if you've look at my flickr stream ]. after i looked at all of them i realized that there were these interesting pairings that i could make... like me w/ the tree "filling" me out... and my shoes w/ 2 other sets of shoes mimicked in the shape of the berries.... the red stroller matching the red coat of the dancers.... life is full of small coincidences if you dare to spot them, no?

crit went OK... i think one woman was a bit hurt by the criticism. i tried to check in with her in the hall and she said - well, you are being critical of everyone so at least it's not just me. and i know you are just doing your job.... this is her first art class ever.... yikes. if you aren't used to the nature of a critique they can be harsh. if you've done the work you are very vulnerable... and if you haven't you are probably embarrassed.... i reminded them... this is school. school is for this. you have to decide what you are going to take from this and what will be useful for you in the future.... the thing that makes me sort of sad is how they some of them don't even realize how lucky they are... that even though it is so much hard work they are lucky! they have allotted time to spend.... they are in a stimulating environment full of questions and answers. it gets really sad when a student doesn't even put care or consideration into something and then makes up excuses when they don't like their grade. like i'm NOT going to notice that?? do they think i'm blind?? or stupid??? do they think that flies in other aspects of life? oh i'm sorry everyone on the plane - i meant to tighten that bolt, but it seemed tight enough and i had to go make a phone call.... i didn't think that it would fall out and cause any problems.... YIKES!!

11 Responses to “self portrait tuesday - #11”

  1. # Anonymous maria

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your series!!!
    as for being critical... they are right, that is your job! just remember that it is when you are told to look at something a different way {letting go of the little hallway your mind has gone into} that you actually get your head out of your ass! i mean, seriously, it can be hard to hear but it's SO necessary. you're a GREAT teacher. i love reading about all of it...  

  2. # Blogger la vie en rose

    Great the pairings, the movement, the creativity in it...  

  3. # Anonymous wendy

    I love these. Especially the pair when you are looking down at your shoes. You look so tall!!

    I am so sorry all the time that I was a slacker in school. When I would put my project together at the last minute. I am so sorry Lisa! I tried not to be a bad student! But crits are a great wake up call! Those students have no idea what an amazing teacher you are and how lucky they are that you care so much!  

  4. # Anonymous tara

    super cute...i love the colors in these...

    oh dear, i'm really sorry you're having a tough time with your class. but yes, the students are VERY lucky to have you as a're a really great (and generous teacher) and it is your job to be's good that your student realized that.

    a confession: i was really bummed out after the first crit i had in your drawing class...but it wasn't your fault...i was dissapointed in myself for being a half-ass student. the crits really forced me to try harder and put more time into my i'm greatful that the crits i had in your (and other's classes) haven't been one big, giant love-fest...just hearing nice things isn't very helpful...

    as far as your students feeling lucky, it might take a little while, but hopefully some of them will wake up. when you have a higher percentage of students who are working/haven't always done well in school (or have never been seriously challenged), you're going to have a higher percentage of stressed out students (and it's hard to feel lucky or confident when you're stressed out...) you're right though, it's sad. here's hoping that with some small successes and small bits of encouragement some of them come around:-)  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I will be daring and look for "small coincidences" and next the time I respond defensively to criticism, I will ask myself if I put as much into the endeavor as I expected to take out of it.

    I'm learning, Teacher!


  6. # Anonymous Alison

    Critiques ARE hard. That's what they are. And the blatant truth is - if you can't handle, or learn to handle, a critique, you're going to make a poor artist, because everyone will be a critic about your work, all the time. And one of the most valuable lessons is to learn to step back from your work and look at it objectively, and learn to critique your own work, and that comes through experience of how others perceive it. Just because you think it's good, it doesn't mean it is. I've had some incredibly harsh critiques, and some mind blowingly fantastic ones, but I've always been able to take something away from them to make my work better. Keep doing what you're doing, because it's great :)  

  7. # Blogger abbytrysagain

    Love your series-and the pink/jacket/sweater thing. Yeah..I am so shy about anything visual I make, but so used to being critiqued on my writing! I was the editor of my college paper (hard to believe since I RARELY spell check or edit any comment or post) but I can kind of feel you on this. I'd send back articles with corrections only to recieve the exact same article a day later-no corrections made--or a sobbing student in my office who happened to think red marks on a paper meant I had a personal vendetta with her. Oy! Good luck, Lisa.  

  8. # Blogger Aurora

    I think seeing pictures of you make my seperation anxiety worse. I miss you so! That said, clearly you are doing a great job teaching, so no worries -- Eventually people wisen up to the fact that honesty & criticism are rare gems to appreciate coming from any teacher! (Seeing different = broadening one's perspective = wisdom!) Who loves you? a  

  9. # Anonymous natalie

    i'd love a crit at the moment...!

    After leaving art school years ago i miss the interaction we all had about each others work, to walk around each person's studio space and be inspired by other people's creativity...

    Now if i create work alone at home, i look at my work for long enough that i can't "see" it anymore, and whenever i ask Gareth for feedback he is always too's not good enough, i demand nastiness! hehe

    But seriously, experiencing your own work through someone elses eyes is something i took for granted when at art school but now miss lots...

    PS love your twin photo series!  

  10. # Blogger andrea

    lovelovelove this self-documentary series of yours... oh, I love it! love the top left and then the faraway one of your (oh so fabulous) white shoes. and then I think you know how I feel about the red dancers. I can't believe I skipped the SPT this week... I had such a streak going! and I'm dying to try my hand at the self-documentary challenge... it's just sooo hard without a digital camera! I love shooting with film but just can't afford to experiment right now like I'd like to (so expensive). hopefully next week. if I can get my hands on a digital camera...

    yes, it is not an easy job you have with the criticism class... but oh so necessary (as you already know). and yes, that's what school is for! such a luxury and most people just never get that. I would love to be in that situation right now... I have such a voracious appetite right now to create, to learn, to grow... I'm glad to know that you do what you do and that you do it well.  

  11. # Blogger joy madison

    nice spt!!!! love the sweater!

    I think I wouldn't do well with a critique thing....I think I'm way to sensitive for that!  

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