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drawing a day ~ week 7 Originally uploaded by dressform.

the funny thing about routine is that it sure documents time... i mean week 7 of drawings?? WEEK 7?? already?? [it's the same with self-portraits]. how'd we get here so fast?? the good news? it's not a rut yet -- for sure!

someone asked me what inspires these.... i've been thinking a lot about that and here's the answer thus far. i see these as a way for me to play. with the other stuff i'm working on at the moment [i.e. targets and a wall installation] although there is wild room for differentiation i'm sort of on a pre-determined path. there are certain elements and philosophies that i'm attempting to work with. having parameters is something that i really find enjoyable and necessary to my process. but often i have these sparks of an idea and don't feel like i can follow thru on them because they stray from my "plan".

with the drawing the day, although there are definite parameters i'm much more free and open. i don't feel the need to stick to a certain set of images - i don't feel like i HAVE to repeat something until i get it right.... [although of course i've fallen in love w/ the drawn/sewn doily so those are making a weekely appearance]. i am inspired by many things :: how much time i have to make the drawing :: the color of the thread of the week :: the associations of that color [think red=blood, yellow=sun] :: what is around me - and i mean literally - plates, shoes, trees, origami paper, books, TV, music, my garden, my own body [what aches or is having problems] - or other's ailments for that matter.... it goes on and on.

it is also a way for me to stay linked with my studio. with all the diverse means of employment i am currently juggling it is easy for me to make my studio last. in my heart and head i know it should be first, but life doesn't really allow that. with these i know i am making something that helps my studio practice on a daily basis, but the pressure for them to be successful isn't there... so i can fail - or i can like just part of something, or i can just learn something and feel simiply good about that. honestly i can tell that these are influencing the rest of what's going on.... and they are building bridges to what i'm going to work on next.....

i would welcome other's thoughts on this sort of process - or would love to know how other folks set up a routine to get things done....

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  1. # Anonymous wendy

    I started my painting a week, for such similar reasons. I love the idea that it doesn't have to be perfect. That I can make mistakes. Mistakes are a fabulous thing. I find that they help me - express what I can't say.
    I use the paints that are in the studio - from projects that we are working on and let them also drive what bubbles up.
    I love this series!!!  

  2. # Blogger andrea

    I have been thinking about creating a lot lately, about working. as a teenager, I started out in visual art and dance and then found myself completely immersed in dance. for many years, it was all I thought about, all I did. don't get me wrong, it's still a big part of my life but I am gravitating more and more towards visual art these days, seeing pieces in my head, craving the process, the act of making. though I feel sort of lost. and I'm not exactly sure what is holding me back. I make little pieces here and there but am not consistent. I feel like I need an assignment or a deadline to motivate me into working (which is not good). I think you're right-- studio time (or any time that artists designate as create/work time) is invaluable but also the easiest to put off. I know I'm all over the place here, but something about what you wrote has me thinking even more about processes and time and creating.


  3. # Blogger Aurora

    Oh Lovely Lisa,

    You are so articulate and cool... and (if may I repeat myself) A BADASS! He he.

    Now, this whole simultaneous resentment bit.. is quite interesting ey?

    No but seriously, doing something on the side for fun is often where the best new directions stem from for larger scale art projects (I've found). Everything I've been doing in my "subjugating the negative/nightmare" series is derived from that exact same sort of inclination. (It is very Joseph Campbell "follow your bliss" esque.) There is a noted disconnect when your joyful reckless activity becomes what you have to do or are expected to do, even if what you are doing started the same way (as a roust, for fun, to just get out of your head & enjoy yourself).

    Perhaps that it is what keeps work light, not too serious, didactic or depressing, and therefore more liberated, free, playful and ultimately uplifting. (Just like your pics / drawings a days... I love em.)

    Making time in the studio is hard for me too sometimes, keeping it top priority is really hard unless there is a heavy deadline. Personally, my own recipe for time in the studio consists of 2 parts utter denial blended thoroughly with a disproportionate sense of self importance, but you know how it is with cooking -- to each, her own.

    Anyway her loveliness, I sure to miss you. Wish you were here so we could go get some Japanese food & drink some sake and swoon some for a spell. (c;


  4. # Blogger joy madison

    I love looking at your stuff. I love to hear the process behind it....a glimpse into your mind or what have you. The drawing a day are so amazing to me.....see that little detail made into art. Coming here gives me a little haven of art in my other wise child filled days:) I love it! Thanks for being an inspiration!  

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