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drawing a day ~ week10 Originally uploaded by dressform.

we are painting... the dining room... first we did 3 walls in chocolate - today we are tackling the trim and the ceiling... tannish white... the last two walls will be a nice tan.... this in and of itself would be fun except for the fact that i've been sneezing all day.... i guess the upside is i can't really smell the paint!

the week of drawing... the last yellow.... bye bye birdie? by the by i'm onto green [granted the first one is kind of yellowy.... don't say i didn't warn you]. i'm thinking that even though i can't smell them, the paint fumes are getting to me....

i have been meaning to post these links for weeks, months.... almost eons now. so here they are... go click around [i'm sorry some of these came from somewhere, but i can't remember where...]:

if i could own a cool new bike i'd get one from here

a very nice magazine the drama

shop local [for me] doe

this one came from nebo.... do you need color advice? or just want to look at pretty colors? of course you do!

your pet deserves swank gear.

i'm a sucker for all things mini... someone on flickr pointed these out... sorry again for the brain fart, but... yes i dig their clothes [is it so wrong?]. but you have to check out these mini sweater holiday ornaments.

when mav sent me that lovely package chocolate was included. she sent the barcelona bar which was heavenly... but all the options look purty darn amazing!

this morning in the new york times was an article on alzheimer patients and their responses to art. my dad emailed it to me too... knowing i would like it. the gist... the art had a calming effect on the patients. and those that had lost ability to communicate about other things in life somehow managed to speak clearly about the art they were viewing. i think all people who think that art is a waste of time or would like to cut funding for art in schools need to read this article. repeatedly. rinse and repeat until they get it! [ok it's probably hopeless that they'll get it. but.... worth a shot, right?]

and finally for all you book loving folk... the open library . granted not the same as holding a book in your own hands, but.... sigh.... tara i particularly thought of you for this one....

7 Responses to “drawing a day ~ week 10”

  1. # Anonymous wendy

    The drawing a day are changing up a bit with more activity. I love the stamp and transfer addition.

    Will you take photos of your room? Sounds delicious. And so many great links!!  

  2. # Anonymous Pat

    Thanks for all of the many interesting places to visit. And your work is both intricate and yet "simple." Very Zen like sometimes!  

  3. # Anonymous tara

    yay, thanks for the link...such lovely books! i'll be sure to pass it on to some of the librarians at work:-)  

  4. # Anonymous mav

    hi lisa! just catching up on my blog reading after being on holiday. great links and again, i just really adore your work once again!! :) i too would like to see photos of your rooms with the new walls!  

  5. # Blogger andrea

    lovely drawings and can't wait to see the greens!

    loving all these links, too...! thanks to you, I am now dreaming of a new bike, loving the drama and amazed by the open library site....  

  6. # Anonymous lyn

    Great links and your drawings are gorgeous ( as usual ).

  7. # Blogger David

    You should send for the skeppshult catalog. I got one a couple of years ago. It’s gorgeous. I can’t read a stitch of it, but it’s such a work of art.  

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